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Men's businesses are more likely to succeed and earn three times the profits of women's businesses.Women are overrepresented labouring in the upstream ends of value chains while men still own 99% of the world's property.Men are clearly and visibly accepted as entrepreneurs, but women's economic activity is only acceptable if it is done at home and for the family.Gendered wage gaps are growing.

Mitigating these inequalities is key to achieving CARE's goal to work with 30 million women and girls to increase their economic power. Check out the resources below to assist with reaching this goal.

The CARE Canada Gender Equality in Economic Growth Memory Check Package is a series of five checklists that assists CARE program designers and implementers to address gender issues in economic growth at all stages of the project development and management cycle. It identifies the “must haves” of gender transformative econoimc growth programming and provides a list of results indicators. If you would like women to succeed in our business projects, don't skip this package.


Want to know what other CARE members and country offices are doing to promote gender equality in econoimc growth? Check out the slide show below.


Some value chains are more equal than others. Chose to work on the wrong one in your project, and you will just deepen current gender inequalities. How do you know if you are working on a value chain that will allow you to make real gender change? Use the CARE Bangladesh method outlined below.


Don't waste your time! Make sure your value chain analysis clearly identifies opportunities to change the gendered rules of business. Use the ILO manual below to complete a gender sensitive value chain analysis before the project begins.


What exactly does a good partnership for women's economic empowerment look like? What are some innovative ways in which CARE and partners can work as equal partners on gender issues in economic growth? What does a gender transformative project log frame look like? Find the answers to these questions and more in the proposal examples from CARE Jordan and CARE Sri Lanka.



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