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 <font 16px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​**Gender in Crisis**</​font>​ <font 16px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​**Gender in Crisis**</​font>​
-The aim of the Gender in Crisis work is to look at the after-action review with a gender lens.+Gender in Crisis aims to capture learning from the impact of past crisis on gender equality and how gender equality was integrated (or not) in a response. Learning from past experiences and understanding previous impacts of emergencies within communities,​ can make CARE’s future responses more efficient and effective.The aim of the Gender in Crisis work is to look at the after-action review with a gender lens. A guidance note, providing information on how to prepare a Gender in Crisis document can be found here, along with the Gender in Crisis Template and an example of a {{:​gie_learning_gender-in-crisis_png.docx|Gender in Crisis report from Papua New Guinea}}. 
 +<font 16px/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​**Gender in emergencies - Cash & Voucher Assistance (CVA)**</​font>​ 
 +Because gender is one of the key sources of inequality and marginalization in the world today, the need for CVA to account for the distinct needs, capacities, and vulnerabilities of women and girls, men and boys is a priority for CARE, in line with its commitment to women’s empowerment and gender equality. In October 2019, CARE released its [[https://​​images/​GiE_learning_gender-sensitive-CVA_2019.pdf|multi-country study]]: What does gender-sensitive cash and voucher assistance look like? The accompanying brief looks at the [[https://​​images/​GiE_learning_CVA-that-works-for-women_2019.pdf|six key points]] needed to make cash and voucher assistance work for women and girls, and men and boys in their communities. You can also read the full report in [[https://​​images/​GiE_quoi-ressemblent-les-tm-sensibles-au-genre_2019.pdf|French]],​ and the brief <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​black;;​white>​in</​font> ​ [[https://​​images/​GiE_TM-QUI-FONCTIONNENT-POUR_FEMMES_2019.pdf|French]],​ [[https://​​images/​GiE_ASSISTNCIA-DINHEIRO-CUPES-QUE-FUNCIONA-PAR-MULHERES_2019.pdf|Portuguese]],​ [[https://​​images/​GiE_-----_-_2019.pdf|Arabic ]]and [[https://​​images/​GiE_PTM-que-funciona-para-mujeres_2019.pdf|Spanish]]<​font inherit/​inherit;;​black;;​inherit>​.</​font>​ 
 +<font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​black;;​white>​For guidance on how to mitigate Gender-based Violence in cash and voucher assistance and use the modalities in GBV case management, the CARE supported</​font> ​ [[https://​​images/​GiE_ASSISTNCIA-DINHEIRO-CUPES-QUE-FUNCIONA-PAR-MULHERES_2019.pdf|Cash and Voucher Assistance and Gender- Based Violence Compendium Practical Guidance for Humanitarian Practitioners,​]] which is a companion guide to the IASC GBV Guidelines, is available in English, [[https://​​images/​GBViE_Compendio-de-asistencia-en-efectivo-y-vales-contra-la-violencia-por-razn-de-gnero_2019.pdf|Spanish]],​ [[https://​​images/​GBViE_Recueil-sur-les-transferts-montaires-et-la-violence-base-sur-le-genre_2019.pdf|French ]]and [[https://​​images/​GBV-cash-compendium.FINAL_AR_HiRes_2019.pdf|Arabic]]. 
 +<font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​black;;​inherit>​A study focusing on the gendered</​font> ​ protection implications of cash and voucher assistance in Somalia/​Somaliland can be found [[https://​​images/​GiE_CaseStudyFullReport_Gender-CashAssistance-Conflict-Somalia-land_2019.pdf|here]],​ with the executive summary [[https://​​images/​GiE_CaseStudy_Gender-CashAssistance-Conflict-Somalia-land_2019.pdf|here]].
 ===== Gender in Emergency Prepardness ===== ===== Gender in Emergency Prepardness =====
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 **[[https://​​topics-issues/​37-epp/​|Section 37]] of CARE’s emergency toolkit provides more detailed guidance on emergency preparedness.** **[[https://​​topics-issues/​37-epp/​|Section 37]] of CARE’s emergency toolkit provides more detailed guidance on emergency preparedness.**
 +=====   =====
 ===== Gender and finance / human resources in emergencies ===== ===== Gender and finance / human resources in emergencies =====
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