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The CARE Gender Working Groups

What is it? The Gender Working Group is a forum for all staff members who are working on or interested in learning more about gender throughout the programs and organization of CARE. The GWG is currently being re-imagined and re-started to facilitate cross-sharing, so stay tuned!

In addition to the main group, there are 5 thematic groups that focus on learning and exchange around specific areas of work, each with a leader or two. Please see the list below for the groups and their leaders. Click on the name of the group for the corresponding page on the wiki.

Thematic Gender Working Group Leader
Bethelhem Tesfaye
SOLIDARITY || For whom? Any CARE staff member interested in joining - open to all CI members and COs.

Sign me up! To join the main Gender Working Group, please contact To join any of the 3 thematic groups, please contact the corresponding leader.

For more information on each group, including contact information, please view the flyer: Gender Working Group flyer.

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