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Gender Equality and Women's Voice Strategy

CARE has set out bold and ambitious impact goals for 2020 – the right to a life free from violence, the right to sexual and reproductive health, the right to food, the right of women to have access and control over economic resources, and the right to life-saving support in the face of emergencies. The distinguishing feature of CARE’s work is in its approach to these impact goals: advancing gender equality and women’s voice, inclusive governance, and strengthening resilience. The following vision and strategic plan is a call to action across CARE, one that encourages more external engagement with gender justice actors in the eco-system:






Gender Equality & Women's Voice Guidance Note (April 2018)

We are thrilled to share CARE’s Gender Equality and Women’s Voice Guidance Note. This introduces CARE’s Gender Equality Framework to help us think through and plan gender equality work, updating the previous Women’s Empowerment Framework. Drawing on more than a decade of learning, the guidance brings together the critical information, tips, and resources on gender equality under one document. The guidance outlines CARE’s Theory of Change, the gender standards required of all CARE offices, the main models and innovations we use across the organization and our approach to partnership. If you only read one document on gender, it should be this!





Organizational Mapping: Who's Who

CI Gender Equality & Women's Voice Global Conference 2016

Click here for more information and reading materials for the conference in Dubai which took place in April 2016.

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