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Impact Measurement

Working Group on WE Impact Measurement

Discussions and presentations from CARE's working group on women's empowerment impact measurement

CARE: Gender Transformative Measures of Social Change

List of Global Indicators

Working Paper: Measuring gender-transformative change: A review of literature and promising Emily Hillenbrand, Nidal Karim, Pranati Mohanraj and Diana Wu. October

2015. This working paper is the result of a collaboration between CARE and Worldfish to review promising practices for measuring gender-transformative change in agriculture and aquaculture. Recognizing that the impact we hope for in development practice will not happen through business as usual, WorldFish and CARE are deliberately committed to bringing about more equitable social transformation through their gender- transformative approaches to agriculture research and development practice in agriculture and aquaculture. Through AAS and CARE’s integrated agriculture platform, both organizations have and are actively pioneering, testing and sharing new frameworks and processes for promoting gender-transformative change and outcomes, with a focus on underlying social norms, gender relations in market systems and long-term societal change.

Results of the Evaluation of CARE Canada's Gender Equality Work in its 2007 - 2012 Program Agreement

Between 2007 and 2012, CARE Canada and over 23 CARE country offices implemented projects funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and geared, in part, towards ensuring that women, girls and women's organizations are more able to participate meaningfully in the development process, realize their rights and satisfy their practical and strategic interests. How did we do? Did we see any substantive change in gender relations? How can we improve our programming? How can the CARE Areas of Inquiry be used to measure our results? These two reports, produced by WayFair Associates, provide answers relevant to all our future programming.

1. Lessons on Supporting Gender Change: Gender equaltiy asseessment across the CIDA Program Agreement (2007 - 2012)

2. A Meta-analysis of Gender Integration in CARE Canada, CIDA-funded Project Evaluations

Gender Indicator Resources

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